Where Do We Get The Cost Data

Spotlight Health’s goal is to provide the most accurate and user friendly medical price transparency tool available on the market. Our prices and data are compiled from a variety of resources, including the CMS government published data, Medicare/Medicaid information, publicly available resources, and third party research.

While we strive to provide the most comprehensive and accurate pricing data available, a number of factors can influence the exact pricing for medical procedures, including; insurance, complexity of medical procedure or condition, diagnosis or treatment path, quality of care, type of treatment/diagnosis facility and other factors outside of our published data.

The pricing information provided on our site is only to be used as a guide in comparing your medical costs since your final costs may differ from what is published on this site. The estimated costs are based on our algorithms using publicly available data and may not encompass the total cost associated with the procedure, condition or treatment. Prices that are annotated as recorded data are based on actual Medicare/Medicaid data published on the database.

Individual procedure prices may contain estimated physician services; facility services, anesthesia and other fees that are estimated based on our research and algorithms from publicly available data. Conditions data consists of possible treatment and diagnosis pathways based on that condition but should not be used as medical advice or relied upon for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Our website can be a valuable tool in assessing your medical costs but should not be used exclusively for making your healthcare provider decision. Spotlight Health does not recommend or endorse any particular healthcare provider whose information or ratings appear on this website and the end user is solely responsible for determining if this information is suitable for their needs. Insurance information posted on this site are based on public data but please check with your healthcare provider or insurance company for accuracy.